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One2Lead is no longer available. You can email us if you have any questions.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)

How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)

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1. How does it work?

Leads, leads, leads!

LinkedIn is a great social network where you can find almost any decision-maker from any business domain. And One2Lead is a LinkedIn-based Lead Generation tool that allows you to send hundreds of personalized messages and invitations a day, just in one click.

Can it work for me?

One2Lead perfectly suits Recruiters, Salespeople, Marketers, and Entrepreneurs. It’s almost for everyone who uses LinkedIn on a daily basis.

2. Before you start

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Please, run the extension in a separate, full-sized window, for its proper work.
Do not exceed the limitations. We suggest you use default limits for invitation/messaging campaign to prevent being blocked on LinkedIn:
Invitation campaign - 100 users/day
Messaging campaign - 100 users/day
Until we release the backup feature, do not clear your browser data to keep your progress.
For new users, we recommend warming up your account, starting with 40 actions and increase by 10 actions every day.
Sometimes LinkedIn runs A/B test of their features and due to that, some of the features might not work. If you see that something goes wrong, please, contact us via info@one2lead.net and we’ll fix it ASAP.

3. Get started

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First, install the One2Lead application. For this, you can go to One2Lead.net or visit our page on the chrome store.
Press One2Lead icon on the pop-up tab OR just open LinkedIn.com
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)
via your Gmail account.

4. Creating automated campaigns

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It’s time to create our first campaign! Click on the button “Create campaign” and type the name of your first campaign.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)
Press “Setup campaign” and choose what you’d like to do, e.g. send invitations or messages to your audience
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)
Do some personalization within the campaign’s text and press “Save” to proceed to the next step.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)
Add the recipients to your campaign.
We have 3 options for adding new recipients. Note, that all new recipients will have “In queue” status.
See examples
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)
After we setting up the campaign and adding people to it, we are ready to start! To start your campaign, just click on the “Send” button.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)

Here’s some info about the campaign stats:

Safe daily limits: shows your daily progress and stops the campaigns as soon as you reach safe limits. We recommend sending up to 100 invitations/messages per day.
Total recipients: this is the number of people who you already have in your campaign
In the queue: the number of users who will be processed/go through the campaign
Invited/Message sent: the number of users, who already have been processed
Campaign progress: this is a percentage of campaign completion
Reply/Acceptance rate: average reply/acceptance rate for this certain campaign

5. Adding new recipients

Here are ways of collecting the recipients:

Collect from the search. For this, open LinkedIn search bar, set up filters and press “Start collecting”. One2Lead will collect all the recipients from the LinkedIn search.
Note, that LinkedIn search results are limited by 1.000 people.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)
Upload a CSV file. Click on the import button inside CRM and upload a list from your PC. You can check the example here
Transfer from another campaign.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (1/2)

If you’re already engaged with some people, you can copy them from another campaign. If you get duplicates (the recipients from the current campaign who also take part in another), these certain users won’t be copied/transferred.

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