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How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (2/2)

How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (2/2)

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Table of Contents:

  • 1. Creating follow-ups
  • 2. Managing campaigns via CRM
  • 3. Tips & Tricks

1. Creating follow-ups

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Open a campaign you want to follow-up
Click on the “Need to follow-up” selector. Make sure your leads are not participating in other irrelevant messaging campaigns. If you detect redundant recipients, just select and delete them from your current campaign.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (2/2)
Select the required recipients and press “Enroll in a new campaign” to create a new follow-up campaign. If you already created a follow-up campaign, just press “Copy to existing campaign”.

Ok, what if some of them are already in the campaign? Don’t worry, One2Lead doesn't allow duplicate recipients in the same campaign.
Set up a filter to skip replied leads
If this is your first contact with recipients, click “Ever replied” to skip all the leads who have ever replied to you. This option is useful for excluding the recipients who’ve replied to your invite.
In case you know that you’ve had a conversation with some recipients before, please select SKIP IF “Replied less than N days ago” for the app to skip and mark those recipients.
For example, by setting up a filter “Replied less than 20 days ago” you can skip the recipients from a campaign that occurred 10 days ago.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (2/2)
Finally, launch your campaign!

2. Managing campaigns via CRM

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CRM allows you to track and arrange actions with your recipients. You can see the campaign type (invitation/messaging), last activity and a number of users. In case, you have “special users” and don’t want to contact them, you can blacklist them with the setting “blocked users”.
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (2/2)
In CRM you can:
Search people by name/title/company name
Recipients you need to follow-up
Processing status
Criss-crossed campaigns (just in case if a person got into two campaigns in the one time)
Operations available with the CRM:
Import: allows us to upload your own CSV file with the recipients
Export: exports all data from this certain campaign
Delete: deletes selected recipients from the certain campaign
Enroll in a new campaign: puts selected leads in a new follow-up campaign.
Copy to: copies selected recipients from the current campaign to the selected one. If the targeted campaign already has the same recipients, they won’t be copied to the new campaign.
Set status: changes status for selected recipients (In a queue, Invited/Message sent, Skipped)
Reply status: changes reply status for selected recipients
How To Generate Leads On Linkedin With One2Lead (2/2)

3. Tips & Tricks

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Use personalization variables for better acceptance/reply rates
Create an omnichannel approach for lead nurturing. If you’re getting bad reply rates, you can export your recipient base and try launching an email campaign for the same recipients or set-up Facebook ads campaign.
For the new recipients, we recommend warming up your account, starting with 40 actions per day and increasing it by 10 actions every day.

#1 Creating automated campaigns

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