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Fear And Loathing In Recruiting Automation: Top 5 Myths

Fear And Loathing In Recruiting Automation: Top 5 Myths

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Every time we see another tool or hack for recruiting automation a demon appears on our shoulder and an angel gracefully lands on another. One of them says: automation is aimed to replace you, you’d be forgotten forever! And the voice from another shoulder insists calmly: this is to save your time and nerves. Which voice is the demon’s?

Fear #1. Automation will take our jobs and people would be replaced

Make America great again robot

Like, never. This may happen in only one case: if humanity decides that Recruiters as a profession are useless at all. As for now, the complete replacement seems to be impossible as many of the tasks could be performed only by the real human able to freely communicate with other real humans. Automation would replace only boring and repetitive tasks.

Even Vera the Recruitment Robot does not completely replace the hiring manager as there always should be someone tuning the robot and validating the robot’s decisions. Nothing could be more humane than the Human itself.

Fear #2. Recruiting processes are too ‘humane’ and complicated to replace them with automation

Fry: not sure if human or a very clever chatbot

So, why recruiting automation should exist at all? You’d say human interactions within the hiring process are too complicated and fragile so that any automation would suck. That’s only half-true, as at every job having the routine and recurrent tasks there always would be a place for automation.

For example, LinkedIn is among the most popular platforms for searching and reaching out to candidates. Thanks to simple automation tools for LinkedIn recruiters nowadays could take another cup of coffee and chill for a moment instead of sending thousands of connection invites and messages manually.

Fear #3. Automation shows disrespect to the candidates

No way. Especially if automation covers those processes which could not be detected by the candidate anyhow.

In case automation may be somehow detected by the candidate, the answer is the same - no worries. We all are human beings, that’s not a shame to work smart instead of working just hard.

In case you made a mistake by using an automation tool (e.g. inserting John instead of Martha), remember that there’s always a chance of the same mistake even working without any automation. Forgive yourself, breathe and work more attentively.

Fear #4. Automation does not really save time

Ok, I’ve downloaded and started using a tool, but tuning it and having control over it running takes even more time than before! WHATAHAVTODO?!

Hold on, have you tried to check the time difference? In the majority of cases, it only feels like you’re sending even more time. In fact, automation not only saves time but also digitalizes a huge volume of data and allows you to upload/download some spreadsheets, provides you with some analytics and etc.

By means of automation, we’re making steps closer to the digitalization of our jobs, accumulating more and more data, which nowadays could be more precious than the money itself.

Fear #5. Automation does not fit to our corporate workflow

Me trying to use a new automation too in corporate workflow

Feeling like your corporate recruiting workflow is too specific and strict to mix it up with some automation? Come on, it could not be so bad. You should just find the perfect automation tool.

Follow our blog and in the next article, we’ll share our overview of automation tools for recruiting.

Conclusion bullets:

In the nearest future automation would not completely replace a human since tools and robots should be supervised and tuned correctly by a human;
At every job having the routine and recurrent tasks there always would be a place for automation;
We all are human beings, that’s not a shame to work smart instead of working just hard;
Automation helps us to accumulate data for analysis.

Wish you’d rock today!

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