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Hack Your Recruiting: 3 Main Bottlenecks To Work On

Hack Your Recruiting: 3 Main Bottlenecks To Work On

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Statistics overview and tools recommendation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the recent report by Jobvite*, there are now more job openings than people to fill them, which means a highly competitive market for the recruiters. 74% recruiters believe hiring will become more competitive in the next 12 months.*

How to be the best in a tight labor market? Where to find perfect candidates, how to get in touch with them first?

We did our job to find some bold facts about the bottlenecks in recruiting and made our list of some savvy tools which can make your life as a recruiting professional better.

Biggest challenge in Recruiting chart: engaging candidates - 40%; finding qualified talent - 60%

Bottlenecks to work on

31% of recruiters count the quality of hire as the most important success metric, followed by retention rate (23%).* Having a clear vision of what is the quality of candidates will help to define the bottlenecks and consequently the tools you need.

There are three main bottlenecks we recommend putting your attention to provide a high quality of the candidates to be hired:

whom to reach out;
where to reach out;
how to reach out.

Whom to reach out

Well, you know who you need, his/her desirable qualifications, expertise and soft skills. How you are going to search through the whole market to find this person? Does the market really have your perfect candidate?

Although the majority of recruiters are eager to embrace a more data-driven approach, over 42% do not have enough data or the time to turn that data into actionable insights. That’s why so many are turning to intelligent tools to process this candidate data for them.**

Email is preferred by 38% of recruiters but 47% don't track open rates and 50% don't track click-through rates

In a search for perfect people

Recruitin.net - makes your search for candidates on the internet smart. Just by typing several keywords (e.g. job title and location) it will filter search results for the social network you need: LinkedIn, Dribble, GitHub, Xing, StackOverflow, and Twitter.

Recruitsos - helps on a pre-qualification and qualification stage. With Recruitsos you can create a job opening and then distribute it to several job boards or social networks in one click. Then you can set your qualification criteria within the app so that the candidates applying to the job posting will be qualified and move through your pipeline automatically. Besides, it has an integration with Zapier.

One2Lead - can do a perfect job on LinkedIn by collecting 2d and 3d connections you need (filtered by the job title, company domain and etc.) and sending them invitations to connect. Saves up to 16 hours of work on LinkedIn per week, just set up some basic settings and forget about LinkedIn until the automated campaign ends.

Ideal can do automated resume screening, sourcing, and interview scheduling using artificial intelligence for you.

The ideal Recruiting Software Landscape for 2019: Job Aggregators, Testing & Assessment, AI&Automation, CRMs and so on

Where to reach out


Today companies can’t afford to ignore glassdoor and alike job aggregators with the big names. People trust such resources, thus if you’re sure about the reviews your company has, Glassdoor can help.

75% of recruiters say Glassdoor reviews are at least somewhat important to the hiring process. 38% even encourage candidates to leave Glassdoor reviews. 33% have received negative reviews based on interactions that occurred during the recruiting process.*


Recruiters are updating the way they engage candidates: 25% of recruiters are investing in recruitment efforts on Instagram, especially millennial recruiters (35%) and those working at technology companies (63%).*


Unsurprisingly, LinkedIn is the most-used channel for recruitment efforts — with 77% taking advantage — followed by Facebook (63%).*

One2Lead could be your time-saving friend for the cold outreach on LinkedIn, as it automates sending invitations to connect and messages just in a few clicks.

Where Recruiting automation is most useful: Team Collaboration - 7.9%, Hiring Mgr. Feedback - 2%, Candidate Nurturing 6.9%, Sourcing - 39.6%, Candidate Qualification 15.8%, Engaging Candidates 11.9%, Interview Scheduling 15.8%

Don't forget to make your LinkedIn profile attractive and up-to-date ;)

How to reach out

The question about recruiting automation is no longer “should we?”, now it’s “how do we?”**

71% of recruiters say the need Intelligent tools to prospect data for them


43% of recruiters have used texting to reach out to candidates or current applicants. 88% from them have reported positive feedback from the job seeker.*

Email outreach

It takes most recruiters at least 2 email touches to engage a candidate. The insights to email metrics matter a lot when prioritizing and preparing a strategy for the follow-up outreach.**

SignalHire helps to get valid email addresses and phone numbers to reach out to the candidates you’ve picked up for outreach. Besides, it can provide you with some data analysis on your pipeline, so it’s getting easier to obtain some insights.

Textio Hiring is a tool for augmented writing. It can help you writing job descriptions and creative emails if downloaded as an extension for your Gmail, Outlook or even LinkedIn.

Beamery allows you to set up simple rules to segment your pipeline and build email drip campaigns with the sequence of messages based on several scenarios. The tool pulls personal information from social profiles so that emails sent are highly personalized.

Messaging campaign in One2Lead extension

Also, check it out, our list of Top 5 tools for recruiters and sales team


45% of recruiters believe that AI and automation will make their jobs better, leaving them to focus on more strategic work.*

More and more talent organizations increase their spend in recruiting automation tools, leaning more heavily on predictive analytics to provide actionable insights for talent acquisition, workforce mapping, and planning.**

Would you join them or step aside?

Preferred Outreach Method: Email - 37%, Phone/Text - 33.4%, InMails - 13%, Other - 16%


*All the starred facts in this article are provided by Jobvite (‘Recruiter nation survey 2018’). Download a full version of the report here.

** All the facts with two stars in this article are provided by Entelo (‘Recruiting automation trends report 2019’). Download a full version of the report here.

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