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One2Lead is no longer available. You can email us if you have any questions.


What is the difference between Premium and Free?

We offer 2 plans which include Free and Premium accounts. Although we keep the same functionality in both plans, Free plan is limited by daily activity:

  • 15 invitations per day
  • 15 messages per day

If the Free plan's functionality is not enough for you, you can switch to the Premium plan at any time.

You can try the Premium account during the 10 days Trial period and then decide what best suits your needs.

  1. What is paid for in my account?

    Any One2Lead account has one seat by default: there is one user (the owner). It is included in the fee.
    You need to sign-up/login via Google to start working.

  2. How is my billing calculated?

    We charge you for 15 USD for the future 30 days of the Premium license of the service. The payment remains the same every month if you make no changes to your account.

  3. Is this pre-paid or post-paid?

    Premium account plan is pre-paid on a monthly basis.

  4. Where can I find details of my next payment/bills for the previous date?

    Just open Profile → License, and you will see your estimated amount of your next payment next to your current license. Below the column “Bills” you can download all bills for your current and past purchases.

  5. How can I cancel fees?

    LicensePayment methodCancel subscription. From now on, you won’t pay for a future Premium license, however, you will be able to use the days already paid for a Premium license.

Just open ProfileLicense, and you will see your estimated amount of your next payment next to your current license.